ME26: The Complete Guide to HDR (High Dynamic Range), You've Never Looked So Good!

Presenters: David Futch & Gordon Worley

Description: High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is one of the most interesting and exciting trends in photography today. Through digital photography a greater range of tonal detail is available to bring brilliant color to your photographs. In this workshop, participants will learn what HDR is, see examples, and have a hands-on experience with creating HDR photographs with applications such as Photomatix. Topics that will be discussed include tonal and dynamic range in HDR images, bracketed exposures, raw image format, and general composition of a quality HDR image. Participants will take a "Photo Safari" collecting images that will be converted into HDR images. Participants will need to bring their own camera and tripod. (see Prerequisites for details)

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Platform: Mac
Format: 3-hour Hands-on Partner Lab

Agenda Camera Settings


Helpful links and online HDR turtorials: (Start Here)