Cast the Net! Student Engagement Using Netbooks and Web 2.0
Presenters: Amy Gropper, Pacetti Bay Middle School
Description: In this workshop, participants will see how a class set of netbooks is being used in the middle school classroom as textbook replacements to engage students and enhance learning. Participants will hear a presentation of the current program including lesson types, management tips, program successes and areas of needed improvement, and video clips. They will then get to “test drive” the netbooks used in this project, as the presenter talks them through some of her classroom instruction, and directs completion of projects using VoiceThread, Prezi, Wordle, podcasting and blogging. In the last hour of this workshop, participants will have a chance to discuss the practical issues of purchasing, software needs, and viability in their own school settings. Participants will receive copies of lessons, class rules, implementation strategies, and other relevant information.
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Platform: Either
Format: 3-hour Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL)